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January 17th @ 1:30 p.m. CST

How to Pay Your CEO

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January 24th @ 10:30 am CST

How to Build Salary Ranges and Pay Grades

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February 28th @ 10:45 am CST

How to Build Salary Ranges and Pay Grades

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March 28th @ 2:00 pm CST

How to Build Salary Ranges and Pay Grades

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Componomics webinar: Manage your largest expense for a greater return
The economics of a compensation plan presents interesting challenges that are easily overcome with the right strategy.
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Managing expenses like margins, yields, and ratios is often paramount to the success of any organization, and can shift wildly during different economic cycles. Why should managing compensation, the largest expense, be any different?

Facilitating the investment in today's workforce presents many challenges to even the most adept leadership. They do not always have the necessary resources to manage, communicate, and execute in the most effective ways. When faced with situations like having the know-how to valuate employees, assessing the costs of an internal compensation philosophy, or reconciling the unintended consequences of uninformed decision making there’s no such thing as too much information.

That’s where Componomics comes in.

This webinar was developed by BalancedComp to help you better manage and communicate your organization’s salary administration and compensation philosophy. Through this one-hour session you’ll gain sustainable strategies for measuring the comp plan, communicating the philosophy to the entire team, and developing buy-in to necessary changes that keep employee investors engaged.

If you’ve ever tried to validate the advantages of hiring in a down economy or explored what happens to employee liquidity in booming and busting times, this webinar will share insights and resources to more effectively execute on the pain points of salary administration.

Other Learning Opportunities

  • Recognize the difference between an employee’s and employer’s market
  • Discern when employees/employers may experience irrational exuberance in a booming labor market
  • Transform corporate culture to get your employees to buy-in to the company like an investor
  • Learn the organization’s cost of internal compensation philosophies

Created by compensation and performance management consultant Philippe Asselin, MSHRM, M. Ed., TPI and senior economist Anthony Bieker, this webinar will demonstrate how you can overcome common salary management challenges to execute a stronger plan with more buy-in.

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