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Bridge the IT Hot Jobs Skills Gap With Aggressive Salaries and Strong Culture

With 13% projected growth through 2026, this is a talent pool financial institutions can’t wait to hire for.

5 Steps Financial Institutions Must Take in Response to $15/Hour Wages

Don’t get left behind in the war for talent as banks increase pay, bonuses, and benefits.

How to Respond to Banks Offering $15/Hour Under New Tax Law

We warn against situationally establishing salary standards and adjusting compensation plans.

How Do Minimum Wage Increases Affect Financial Employees and Unemployment?

Banks and credit unions should prepare their salary budgets for a minimum wage increase. We compare the highest minimum wage states to the highest unemployment states.

BalancedResults Revolutionizes How Banks and Credit Unions Manage Employee Performance

Our greatest innovation to date makes performance management more intuitive than ever before.

2017 Salary Survey Reveals Industry’s Most Relevant Salary Ranges

Required reading for HR professionals paying competitively in the banking and credit union industry.

Wage Compression Likely to Increase Under New FLSA Ruling

Are you prepared for the government’s December 1 deadline?

The Double-Edged Sword of Praise and Recognition

There’s a glaring discrepancy between how employers and employees perceive the fairness of salary.

Continuous Candidates Are Costing Your Organization Money

Understand the why behind their motives to seek new employment and how your company culture and retain them longer.
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