Lending Compensation Survey full of surprises

Our 2020 Lending Compensation Survey provides a glimpse into compensation strategies in mortgage and commercial lending. Given the current economic crisis, it might be time to make some dramatic mid-year adjustments to incentive programs.

View 2020 salaries of workers at banks and credit unions

Curious about how your compensation strategy compares to other banks and credit unions across the country? Check out this sneak peek into our annual salary report.

Can you incent employees to work through the COVID-19 crisis?

A thoughtful client question led us to consider what constitutes a successful incentive during this pandemic and, likewise, how to avoid rewarding the wrong behaviors.

Modern times call for a modern salary survey

The 2020 BalancedComp Salary & Incentive Survey is the foremost tool for identifying emerging trends in the financial industry.

C-Suite Perspectives on COVID-19: Falling Company Profits and Corporate Incentive Plan Compensation

How do these events affect compensation management? What can be or should be done to re-align corporate incentive plans to a new reality?

Using Data to Address Gender Wage Inequality

BalancedComp specializes in creating rational, simple to use and equitable compensation design tools for financial institutions.

Congress Calls for Paycheck Fairness Act to Combat Gender Wage Gap

Democratic lawmakers reintroduced the Paycheck Fairness Act which called for Congress to pass the bill and combat the gender wage gap.

2019 Lending Compensation Survey

The first-ever BalancedComp Lending Compensation survey is open for participation now through May 31, 2019.

How Credit Unions Can Plan for the 457F Tax Implications

Those million-dollar SERPs just became a major tax burden that your organization must adjust for.
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