Recruiting Insight: Essential HR Positions

Human Resources managers and executives are some of the most sought-after candidates for all major companies today, not just at financial institutions. The following is a closer look at salaries for HR professionals at banks and credit unions nationwide.

The Great Resignation or The Great Realignment?

This is proving to be one of the most difficult periods for HR managers at banks and credit unions. Hiring and retaining talent is a top priority nationwide and everyone is trying to find the best practices for building a successful work culture and compensation packages at all levels. With crisis comes opportunity and in this case, The Great Resignation is showing a surprising silver lining for financial institutions that can capitalize on it.

How Culture Can Help Combat The Big Quit

We are in the midst of one of the greatest ages of employee turnover in recent history. While some are changing jobs because of better pay or a career change, many more are quitting their jobs due to toxic work culture. We interviewed Heather Hernandez, a VP of Human Resources and a BalancedComp client regarding the positive work culture changes she has implemented, which have had a positive return on employee retention.

This is the Year of Equal Pay

2022 is the year of “equal pay” for women at all levels of work. State and city legislation is being implemented across the country so that all workers know what the salary range is for jobs they are applying for in advance. What does this mean for financial institutions moving forward?

The 3 Revamps of 2021 and Beyond

The new normal comes with new rules. BalancedComp’s 2021-2022 Salary and Incentive Survey provides essential intel for the changing financial industry workforce.

How Does Remote Work Impact Compensation?

Not long ago, 86% of the world’s workforce had work routines that likely involved many stressful activities to start the day.

Confessions from a Discouraged (and Terminated) HR Executive

John, a CHRO at a bank, shared his extreme disappointment in how salary administration was handled at his previous employers and how it led to his voluntary termination.

Gender Pay Gap: Exacerbated by the Pandemic

Simply put, women still only earn $0.82 on average per every $1.00 that their male counterparts earn for the same work.

Celebrating Black Women in Finance

As we come to the end of Black History Month and prepare to enter Women’s History Month, we at BalancedComp wanted to shine the spotlight on three influential black women in the finance industry that have been inspiring us this month.
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