Recruiting Insight: Essential HR Positions

Human Resources managers and executives are some of the most sought-after candidates for all major companies today, not just at financial institutions. The following is a closer look at salaries for HR professionals at banks and credit unions nationwide.

Recruiting Insight: Key IT Positions

IT jobs are in high demand across all industries, and it can be difficult to recruit top talent at your bank or credit union. The following are some guidelines and best practices to follow for effectively finding and keeping the right technical talent for your organization.

Recruiting Insight: Commercial Loan Officer

A Commercial Loan officer, at any level, is one of the most difficult positions to recruit for at a bank or credit union. There are several key factors in determining whom to hire, at what level, and how to determine expectations of their existing client portfolio. Let us help you break down all of the parts and components of this position and how you can work smarter to hire and retain talent in this department.