New Features: March 2023

By Jacqualyn Summervill

New Features: March 2023

Our March release is focused on speed, baby! The net result is our engineering team building features at a faster pace, and our users completing frequent or complicated features instantaneously.

NEW: Upgraded our codebase language and framework versions
Our fearless Engineering Manager spent great time and care ugrading our app’s language and framework versions this month, which has created a plethora of positive effects. You may notice some small performance improvements, but the major benefits are in the security department.

Beyond that, this upgrade will dramatically improve the speed with which our development team is able to roll out new features. We’ve dumped old codebase dependencies that were holding us back and will be able to leverage new patterns and practices.

NEW: Ability to convert all your notes to comments at once
Throughout the year, many supervisors in BalancedResults write a lot of notes that need to be finalized before review time, which eventually need to become comments so the employee can see this vital feedback. While we hope users will leverage our existing feature to mark notes to be converted upon completion of the plan, we know some users need to make that change all at once. So we’ve added the ability to convert all notes to comments at once!

Convert notes to comments en masse

IMPROVED: Consolidated actions for editing performance reviews into one dropdown
In the past, BalancedResults users have had to navigate to specific plan sections in order to edit them. We’ve consolidated those edit actions into a single dropdown so you can edit any part of the plan content, regardless of your current section.

Consolidated actions menu

NEW: New way to edit plan associations
Our new app, BalancedRewards, allows Employee Incentive Plans to be associated with a specific Rewards template, a Salary Adjustment in BalancedComp, and a Performance Review in BalancedResults. Since Rewards was built with a decade of hindsight, all these associations are explained and easily editable in one place!

Plan associations page

IMPROVED: A heightened level of intention to brand and pattern implementation
Over the years, we’ve assembled a team of talented designers with a keen eye for detail. We’ve begun meeting twice a month to review the apps in-depth, which usually generates about 30 development team tickets a month. Our team is focused specifically on ensuring patterns and styles are the same to provide an attractive, consistent, and cohesive user experience.


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