New Features: October 2022

By Jacqualyn Summervill

New Features: October 2022

Our latest release focuses on empowering users to breeze through the upcoming budget builder and performance review season. We’ve introduced mass actions, decreased page load times, and addressed a commonly occurring edge case.

IMPROVED: Employee, Scenario, and Budget page speeds
First and foremost, we’ve sped up some of the slower parts of the BalancedComp system, cutting the load time by over 50%! You’ll experience this change on pages related to employees, scenarios, and budgets.

NEW: Create and activate performance reviews en masse
Sometimes you just have to get the job done! From the Employees page in BalancedResults, you can now create plans for multiple employees, set their feedback sessions, and activate the plans all at once!

See this process in action: 

NEW: Positions can now be overridden to a Grade 0

We understand that sometimes you have highly commissionable employees. BalancedComp can now not only accommodate $0 wages on employees, but you can also override their position to a grade 0 as well, resulting in a $0 minimum, midpoint, and maximum.

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