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Real time collaboration with results in mind.

BalancedResults is a shockingly easy-to-use web application designed to increase productivity in your bank or credit union by developing, documenting, and managing employee performance.

Hindsight Isn't Always 20/20

Our performance reviews work by connecting the essential dots — the short-term and long-term objectives outlined by your board and executive staff. Rather than measuring one employee’s perceptions of another, BalancedResults reviews are based solely on agreed-upon outcomes and documented performance.


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Multiple Systems, Working Together

If you have BalancedComp, all changes made to employees are automatically reflected in both systems. Because our software is built as a true suite, rather than individual applications, you don't have to worry about manually updating data in multiple places — it just works.

Eliminate Handholding

Our system empowers your supervisors to manage their employee's reviews from start to finish. While our consultants will ensure the plans are relevant and completely built before they leave, the system takes over, automatically reminding supervisors of upcoming feedback sessions, plan approvals, and comments made on reviews.


A Place to Start

Your leaders have instant access to a huge online library that provides them with sample core competencies, performance objectives, even sample review comments — positive and negative — that can be used as is or modified to fit the needs of the manager and the goals of the employee.

Real-time Feedback

BalancedResults allows your supervisors and employees to document progress, disciplinary actions, and milestones as they happen. Both parties are always up-to-date on the employee’s performance, so there are no surprises at the annual review.


Get Started on Getting Results

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Tying pay to performance sends a message about what results are valued, and what is important the organization.