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February 28th @ 10:45 am CST

How to Build Salary Ranges and Pay Grades

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March 28th @ 2:00 pm CST

How to Build Salary Ranges and Pay Grades

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Insights for Workplace Happiness
Bottom line: What makes the difference between "engaged" and "apathetic?"

One of our key responsibilities is support. Our clients have needs ranging from a simple "How do I..." to benchmarking a position. One of the tools we use to manage these wide and varied questions is called HelpScout.

Another major benefit of HelpScout is the insightful blog posts they share with everyone. Recently, they sent us a post about some insights to happiness, and we thought of you all. We refined that list into these six things we think you'll appreciate.

Six Insights for Workplace Happiness

  1. 10 things research can tell us about team building, including the 5 best team building activities.

  2. Money Matters, but not as much as you think. More money won't make you happy. It will just make you less unhappy.

  3. And as it turns out, Science tells us that the amount of money we make is less important than the way we spend it.

  4. Confessions of A Fully Supported Employee. Do you ever think abotu the challange of Employee Retention? Count the cost of recruiting and hiring? Do you wonder how you can make an environment where the employees love the company? The answer may be more simple than you think.

  5. Mean people fail. So don't be mean.

  6. And, last but not least, some great tips on how to build the best team.

What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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