Release Notes: 09.10.18

By Christie Summervill

Release Notes: 09.10.18


1. Allow supervisors to check off notes they would like to be converted to comments when the plan is completed

Supervisors can indicate on notes if they would like it to become a comment after the plan is completed. This allows them to make remarks which will remain hidden until after the review when they’ve been discussed face-to-face.


2. Preserving line breaks when entering core competencies, objectives, special projects, and training modules on template and plans

Many of our clients have asked for the ability to preserve newlines (space created when you hit enter) on core competencies, objectives, special projects, and training modules.


3. When an employee changes supervisors, we rebuilt all their plans’ approval queues

When employees change supervisors, we will completely rebuild all of their plans’ approval queues that have not been submitted, returned for modifications, or fully approved yet.


4. When a plan is copied, we now look at the company settings and set up fresh initial and final approvals rather than just clearing them

When a plan is copied, we will completely rebuild the new plan’s approval queues, rather than clearing them and leaving them empty.


5. Added Indirect Subordinate access to company admins when in supervisor mode (thanks Randy from CU of the Rockies!)

Company admins, when in supervisor mode, can now view their indirect subordinates in addition to their direct reports.


6. Enabled spellcheck to be on by default in WYSIWYGs

Spellcheck is enabled by default when entering comments, notes, and conclusions.


7. Added links to Overdue Approvals/Overdue Events sections on Supervisor Progress Report

On the Supervisor Overview Report, underneath the Overdue Approvals and Overdue Events, employee names are now links to their plans.



1. Showing the plan’s supervisor, rather than the employee’s current supervisor, when printing completed plans

When printing completed reviews, we now display the employee’s supervisor at the time the review was completed, rather than their current supervisor.


2. Fixed a few modal styles and buttons


3. Fixed errors occurring for admins when using mass actions on the Approvals Reports


4. Fixed “Events” notification numbers

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