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BalancedComp creates a precise salary and budgeting framework that not only provides employees with appropriate compensation, but also plays a key role in accomplishing the financial objectives of the executive staff and board of directors.

Shred Your Spreadsheets

BalancedComp automates everything. Import your employee data from your HRM system, build a budget, and get back to doing the things you love about your job.

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Never alone
You're Never Alone

BalancedComp only employs seasoned senior consultants with onsite experience to advise you and share multiple solutions to address your unique issues. When you call BalancedComp, you will never get a CSR.

Easy HR Driven Budgets

Got five minutes? Then you have enough time to build your labor budget. In just a couple of clicks BalancedComp brings precision to the difficult task of determining who gets what and why.

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Stop pouring over salary data
Stop Pouring Over Salary Surveys

We acquire and contribute to the leading national salary surveys. Every year, our number crunchers do all the heavy lifting that comes with updating your salary ranges, saving you weeks of looking back and forth between books and spreadsheets. Your neck will thank you.

Up-to-Date Position Library

How much have job descriptions evolved over the last decade? We keep our job description library current with hundreds of the newest regulatory, information technology, marketing, and other positions. Don't see a position you're looking for? Let us know, and we'll find it.

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We make salary administration the cornerstone of your success.

Tell us what you'd like to see happen at your financial institution, and together let's see how BalancedComp can help.

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When you look at a financial institution's competitive advantage, it's not their checking accounts, loans, or marketing budget.

It's their service. It's their people.