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Earn free credit hours for your HR Recertification.

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Calibrating Pay-to-Performance for Financial Institutions

BalancedComp is a consulting firm dedicated to serving credit unions and banks. Our focus is web based salary administration and performance management processes that attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce.

HR Recertification

We do things differently at BalancedComp.
Hr certification

Education First

Attending our webinars count toward your HR Re-Certifcation credit hours.

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Completely in the Cloud

Unlike other legacy applications out there, we leverage cloud-based technologies, so you can work from anywhere.

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Concierge Consulting

All of the technology in the world can't replace an expert consultant by your side. No CSRs here.

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Built From Scratch

When the industry's top compensation consultant and a highly sought after application developer meet, good things happen.

BalancedComp: Next Generation Salary Administration

We help banks and credit unions make sense of and get results from the complex process of salary administration. And whether yours is a de novo institution, involved in a merger transition, or a well-established organization, we’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

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What you can expect from BalancedComp

Impeccable Salary Data

We partner with the top salary survey companies in the nation to bring you the most up-to-date salary data for your asset size, and geographic location.

Continuous Expert Support

We don't employ CSRs. Our consultants bring decades of experience building board buy-in, and developing programs for banks and credit unions.

Beautiful Reports

Why build beautiful reports? Why not? Our reports are easy to read, and provide you and your board key information at a glance.

Amazingly Simple Budgets

Create next year's labor budget in less time than it takes to make a pot of coffee. It's easy, powerful, and gives you the peace of mind knowing that HR is driving labor costs.

Cutting-edge Job Descriptions

Jobs descriptions evolve quickly. Our extensive industry specific job description library is always up the to date with the latest positions in your industry.

Integration with your HRIS

Updating information between your payroll system and BalancedComp is a breeze with our importer. Choose your file, match your fields, and watch the magic happen.

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BalancedResults: Making sense of performance reviews.

How many times have you filled one of those reviews that ask you to comment on an employee by circling some arbitrary number about a personality trait?

Meets Expectations? Exceeds Expectations? Unacceptable.

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What you can expect from BalancedResults

Increased Employee Involvement

Our Performance Reviews are built around communication - your employees and their supervisors all have access to their reviews online, where they can make comments and document progress.

Guided Workflows

BalancedResults provides a user-friendly framework to steer your supervisors into building better reviews as well as checks & balances, approval features, and more.

Quantifiable Goals

Our consultants will help your supervisors build plans based on quantifiable outcomes and goals, eliminating plans based on subjective behavior traits.

More time for HR

BalancedResults automatically reminds supervisors of upcoming coaching dates, comments employees have made, and next steps in the review process.

Extensive Libraries

Like BalancedComp, Results has it's own industry specific libraries — templates for Performance Objectives, Core Competencies, even comments suggestions.

Built into BalancedComp

All of our applications are simply modules of our system — all of your data is accessible to each module, eliminating passing files back and forth to sync your data between programs.