The BalancedComp employees are an extension of our HR team – they are supportive, responsive, and don’t take themselves too seriously!
Virginia Whitham Chief Human Resources Officer Navy Army Community Credit Union

“BalancedComp provided us with the expertise, tools and resources to successfully develop a competitive and equitable compensation strategy and ongoing salary administration program. Implementation of the system was seamless and the ongoing support they provide is absolutely wonderful as the entire team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable.”

Heather Ames SVP/Director of Human Resources Montecito Bank & Trust

“Without a salary administration program, the bank had no idea if the salaries we were paying our employees were competitive within the market. The bank was reviewing employee wages on salary surveys we received from several different sources and the ranges were too broad. BalancedComp performs the surveys for the employer and the data is dependable and up-to-date.”

Laura Carrington Vice-President, Human Resources AuburnBank

“We were interested in a more sophisticated way of administering compensation. Under our previous system, there were fewer job grades, only one 'geo' and all ranges rose together by a given percentage. BalancedComp has given us a system that is more attuned to the three markets (ranges do not move in lockstep with one another) in which we compete. Further, with more job grades available to us, we are better able to group like positions with one another.”

David Ossam Chief Human Resources Officer & General Counsel Hanscom Federal Credit Union

“Our managers love that performance reviews can be done anywhere! They love that they can do them outside of the office without interruptions. From an HR perspective, even if we are out of the office we can help our managers with salary and performance questions.”

Amy Reynolds Senior Vice President / Human Resource Manager Mountain West Bank

“I have to say, I love how simple your survey is. In fact, it’s probably going to be the only salary survey I complete this year. All the others take too long and still require you to use paper. Thank you for making it so easy”

Robert Farmer SVP of Human Resources Missoula Federal Credit Union

“We were able to introduce a solid, clean salary scale that makes good business sense while ensuring that our employees are compensated fairly for their work. We pride ourselves in being an ethical employer and this system is a piece of what helps us get there.”

Karen Gillenwaters Vice President-Human Resources Manager Texas Gulf Bank

“Accessibility has been wonderful with the cloud based approach! I have accessed our compensation and performance plans with ease while traveling. Our managers love the ability to work on performance plans from the comfort of their homes as well.”

Stacy Maatman VP of Human Resources Blue Federal Credit Union

“BalancedComp helps us ensure we are paying competitive salaries to recruit and retain good employees.”

Angela Howorth Vice President of Human Resources Generations Federal Credit Union

“The staff at BalancedComp are extremely knowledgeable about performance management and compensation best practices. More importantly, they truly believe in what they do and how they deliver. They feel like friends we have known for a very, very long time.”

Nicole Colgan AVP Human Resources & Employee Development TwinStar Credit Union