Labor Budget
Precise salary grades and ranges backed by industry experts

Built specifically for banks and credit unions, we know exactly what the market rate is for your industry, asset size, and location. BalancedComp will give you confidence that your staff is paid competitively and fairly.

Goodbye Spreadsheets

Say hello to intelligent compensation software

No more messy spreadsheets and attempting to correlate reports across multiple departments. BalancedComp gives you financial reporting that shows all base and incentive pay in one simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Goodbye Spreadsheets

Our consultants are partners, not vendors

BalancedComp is powered by a team of dedicated HR consultants who will set your system up right the first time and remain your partner moving forward. Get the advantage of a web-based tool for managing your salary grades and ranges, as well as a dedicated compensation expert with knowledge of HR salary administration in the financial industry.

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Powerful reports

View and manage every established salary range (with or without job titles included), for all job classifications and locations. Each employee can be analyzed within their salary range to identify trends or to locate unnecessary pay disparity within groups of employees across multiple vectors.

Updated job descriptions

The BalancedComp app comes with job descriptions for more than 300 industry positions, which you can modify and incorporate when building your own. From Teller to Chief Executive Officer, we have developed hundreds of job description templates specifically for banks and credit unions. Using these templates will save you time and money while streamlining how you define the essential functions of new or modified positions.

Recently updated job descriptions:

  • Senior Internal Auditor
  • Manager of Business Intelligence
  • Help Desk Manager

Importing employee data

One of our clients' favorite features in the BalancedComp app is our data Import Wizard. Quickly update all of your employees with as few as two attributes from your payroll system and start managing your salaries across our product suite with ease.

Once imported, the BalancedComp software will auto-match your .csv columns with the appropriate attributes while giving you the flexibility to make manual changes. Any potential errors in data matching will be fixable and a summary of your data import will be produced, giving you the certainty that your data is secure and input correctly.

Make equal pay a reality

We’re leading the industry with reports that let you compare compa-ratio, average performance level, and average date-in-position. Import the gender and minority status of some or all of your employees. Drill down to see reports by department, supervisor, position, location, and more.

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Faster, better budgets

Building labor budgets is probably your least favorite job task. Our Budget Builder walks you through the process of building budget scenarios in minutes.

Experiment with as many budget scenarios as you like, so that you can make accurate decisions through smart and intuitive software. Imagine being able to present three, four, and five percent budgets to your board—it's no problem.

After approval, instantly generate beautifully-designed letters to employees outlining their increase.

In-house design, development and support

The BalancedComp app comes equipped with a full-time team of professionals who continually improve our web app. A mix of talents, from design to web development, our team is dedicated solely to our mission of improving the app experience and providing you with the best possible application on the market today.

Within the BalancedComp app, our users have direct access to our in-house team of professionals for support and documentation. Knowing that you have the backing of a dedicated support staff means that you won’t need to field “how to” questions from supervisors and colleagues.