Christie Summervill launched BalancedComp in 2010 with the intent of making education and innovation cornerstones of our mission to better serve banks and credit unions.

Our clients are comp-savvy business partners within their organization, and we are committed to providing them with resources to design their total reward proposition.

Internally, this means designing beautiful, user-friendly applications that are an unmatched standard in the industry, and providing our consultants with the resources to stay ahead of the trends impacting salary and performance administration.

Externally, our experts lead a series of webinars that are eligible for continuing education credit hours and publish a blog with valuable insights. They work alongside our clients to teach them more than just how to use the BalancedComp, BalancedResults and BalancedRewards apps, but how to reimagine everything they thought they knew about performance and compensation management to improve the overall ROI of the organization.

BalancedComp is a collaborative effort by more than a dozen team members serving nearly 300 banks and credit unions across the U.S. Since 2010, we’ve grown from a scrappy in-home startup to a hi-rise boutique consultancy with a bird’s-eye view of our hometown, Wichita, Kansas.

We’re proud that 97% of our clients renew every year without a contract, but prouder to see the quantifiable results that our partnership has on their company’s culture and bottom line.