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Intuitive, results-driven collaboration

Our app consolidates everything about employee performance reviews into one simple, accessible, well-organized ecosystem that will help you tie pay to performance and increase productivity.

BalancedResults develops, documents, and manages all aspects of employee performance between HR, the supervisor, and the employee in real time.

Intuitive, results-driven collaboration, BalancedResults
  • A Solution that Fits
  • The Plans
  • Libraries and Text Suggestions
  • Reports
  • A Solution that Fits

    • Universal Templates
    • Automated Approvals
    • Unique Content Libraries
    • Universal Templates, BalancedResults

      Universal Templates

      Build a plan template for each position in your organization. Every employee who belongs to that position (i.e. Teller I) will automatically inherit those details when their plans are created. Additional customizations can be made to individuals.

    • Automated Approvals, BalancedResults

      Automated Approvals

      You determine the number of supervisors with access to approve plans and the system builds the queue, handling calendar reminders, approval/rejection notifications, and note storage. HR can access anytime for a status on each individual.

    • Unique Content Libraries, BalancedResults

      Unique Content Libraries

      As a company administrator, you can build libraries of corporate and department-specific objectives for your supervisors to use in both templates and employee plans.

  • The Plans

    • Holistic Overviews
    • Plan Content
    • Other Valuable Features
    • Holistic Overviews, BalancedResults

      Holistic Overviews

      BalancedResults plan overviews beautifully present a lot of interesting information and provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance plan, including how much content it has, what the timeline and mile markers are, and which tasks need to be completed next. In this one place, you can:

      • Access core competencies
      • Set training objectives
      • Allocate the weight of sections

      The plan overview provides clarity to the entire process, all but eliminating the “my supervisor doesn’t know what to do next scenario.”

    • Plan Content, BalancedResults

      Plan Content

      A plan’s content is an engaging component comprised of up to four weighted sections and their corresponding components, as well as user avatars and an attractive timeline (or thread) for recorded notes. These can be accessed throughout the year by the employee, supervisor, indirect supervisors, and admins, on which they can make either public comments or private notes, both of which can house attachments and be backdated.

    • Other Valuable Features, BalancedResults

      Other Valuable Features

      • Guide supervisors through the approval process, start to finish
      • Add standalone attachments with memos
      • Feedback session notes can be annotated and initialed
      • Breakdown of the math behind the final score
      • Supervisor and employee conclusions at the end of the year
      • Electronic signatures
  • Libraries and Text Suggestions

    • Content Libraries
    • Comment Suggestions
    • Conclusion Suggestions
    • Content Libraries, BalancedResults

      Content Libraries

      The Core Competencies and Objectives sections (generally the highest weighted) come with a robust library of industry-specific, duplicable examples for benchmark positions, departments, and the organization as a whole.

    • Comment Suggestions, BalancedResults

      Comment Suggestions

      Whenever a supervisor or administrator wants to add a comment or note, they have the option to start off with positive or negative text suggestions on a variety of common subjects.

    • Conclusion Suggestions, BalancedResults

      Conclusion Suggestions

      At the end of the year, when supervisors write their conclusions, we provide a large library of both positive and negative text for them to copy and edit.

  • Reports

    • Performance Score Analysis
    • Supervisor Progress Report
    • Approval and Event Reports
    • Performance Score Analysis, BalancedResults

      Performance Score Analysis

      Analyze how each employee was scored and easily identify scoring trends across the organization or between departments, supervisors, and positions.

    • Supervisor Progress Report, BalancedResults

      Supervisor Progress Report

      At any given time, you can see how a particular supervisor is performing across the board. This report summarizes:

      • Their last login
      • If all of their employees have plans
      • If all of their plan templates are complete
      • If they have any pending approvals
      • If any events are upcoming or overdue
    • Approval and Event Reports, BalancedResults

      Approval and Event Reports

      Administrators have access to reports for all approvals, feedback sessions, and final review dates. This includes the ability to take action on these items en masse, including sending reminder emails, marking events incomplete, and moving approval queues forward or backward in the process.

<strong>224</strong> banks & credit unions, BalancedResults

224 banks & credit unions

<strong>37,051</strong> employees, BalancedResults

37,051 employees

<strong>99%</strong> uptime this year, BalancedResults

99% uptime this year

<strong>97%</strong> renewal rate, BalancedResults

97% renewal rate

In-app user support, BalancedResults

In-app user support

From within BalancedResults, any user has direct access to our in-house development team and support documentation. This alleviates pressure off of the HR team so that they don’t have to field how-to questions from supervisors and employees.

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