New Features: May 2024

Our May release is focused on one major BalancedResults and a few small but powerful enhancements.

New Features: April 2024

Our April release is focused on you, our company admins - drawing your attention where it’s needed, ensuring you have access to training, and eliminating common maintenance requests and process hiccups we know you field.

The AI Revolution

As AI reshapes the financial services industry, banks and credit unions must adapt to remain competitive. The transformation of compensable factors and job duties is inevitable.

2024 Bank & Credit Union Employee Salaries

The Great Resignation era was unofficially declared over in the Summer of 2023. This year shows dynamic shifts and settling to these recently turbulent labor market conditions.

New Features: March 2024

March brings our first-ever report showing data from all industries and asset sizes, some improvements to existing features, and a glimpse of an exciting future BalancedResults feature!

Quiet Quitting: The Silent Retention Killer for HR

HR departments and line managers are feeling the growing pressures of supplying adequate work accommodations and effective ways to track performance.

Leading with Empathy: Navigating the Delicate Conversation About Salary Limits

One of the most challenging conversations you may encounter is explaining to employees that their current salary level exceeds the maximum of the pay range, making them ineligible for a salary increase.

New Features: January 2024

This month, our release is focused on feedback we received while you, our clients, built your labor budgets and commenced the 2024 performance review process. We’ve added a few major features that will potentially revolutionize both processes!

Navigating Bonus Disappointment: A Guide for Senior Managers

Most senior managers at financial institutions are accustomed to receiving an annual bonus to recognize the hard work and dedication.
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