Employee Engagement
Live Webinar 1 hr

Employee engagement is a critical factor in the success of any business, and companies must invest in initiatives that foster employee engagement.

Engagement initiatives are an excellent way to encourage your employees to remain productive and keep them motivated. With so many employee engagement initiatives available, it can take time to determine which ones will be successful and which will not. In this presentation, we will look at the types of employee engagement initiatives, what works, and what can go wrong when incentivizing employees.

The takeaways:

  • Collaboration with all stakeholders needed for buy-in 
  • Analysis Tips on trends and targets to measure ROI
  • How to evaluate location and culture for efficacy
  • Cross-communication of recommended results to reach all stakeholders regularly and via multiple channels
  • Understanding organization needs change, and so should engagement initiatives

Who should attend:

This webinar was developed for HR managers, directors, and executives who want to become better equipped to attract, retain, and keep top talent at higher engagement levels within their organization.

Philippe Asselin

Chief Consultant

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