New Features: January 2024

This month, our release is focused on feedback we received while you, our clients, built your labor budgets and commenced the 2024 performance review process. We’ve added a few major features that will potentially revolutionize both processes!

New Features: September 2023

This month, the dev team has been laser-focused on the preparatory work necessary for us to put our applications through regular penetration testing. But don’t worry, we still snuck in a few new features!

New Features: August 2023

This month, we’ve introduced a myriad of meaningful enhancements to existing features!

New Features: July 2023, pt. 2

This month’s update brings you top-notch security, advanced insights, and streamlined authentication. Embrace a new era of convenience, control, and optimization - only with BalancedComp!

New Features: July 2023

July’s update is packed with highly requested features! We're thrilled to introduce improved job description formatting, an on-demand Rewards trial experience, and automated company admin onboarding.

New Features: June 2023

June brings the release of our two most-requested features of all time! Along with those heavy hitters, we were also able to focus on speed and uniform styles (as always!)

New Features: May 2023

May welcomes the beta release and free 30-day trial of BalancedRewards, our new corporate bonus planning product. Predictably - that’s where our focus has been! As our first clients have begun digging in, we’ve added monumental new features and further enhanced the already-lighting-fast mass actions throughout the application.

New Features: April 2023

As we prepare to give all our clients a sneak peek of BalancedRewards during the month of May, our April release was primarily focused on Rewards finishing touches. But we were still able to add in a few additional features!

New Features: March 2023

Our March release is focused on speed, baby! The net result is our engineering team building features at a faster pace, and our users completing frequent or complicated features instantaneously.
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