New Features: July 2023

By Jacqualyn Summervill

New Features: July 2023

July’s update is packed with highly requested features! We’re thrilled to introduce improved job description formatting, an on-demand Rewards trial experience, and automated company admin onboarding.

IMPROVED: Ability to use bullets and line breaks in job descriptions
With this update, we now preserve bullets and line breaks within the Major Duties section and Skills sections of their BalancedComp job descriptions. This enhancement directly addresses one of the most frequently requested improvements, ensuring that job descriptions retain their intended formatting, making them clearer and more organized.

NEW: Automatic communication with new company admins
We are excited to unveil a time-saving enhancement that streamlines the onboarding process for new BalancedComp company admins. With our latest update, whenever a new admin is added, an automatic email notification is triggered. This introductory email introduces the new admin to Deb, our Senior Executive Consultant, and provides them with access to our comprehensive knowledge base. Simultaneously, an email is sent to every consultant, prompting us to reach out and schedule a dedicated training session. This enhancement ensures we establish relationships and provide personalized training to all new company admins.

NEW: Ability to request a 30-day Rewards trial
Now, you can request a 30-day trial of BalancedRewards, granting you access to its full suite of features. During the trial period, we will create templated goals and example plans for all your employees, providing you with a comprehensive demonstration of the system’s capabilities and its insightful reports. If you missed out on our special “Rewards month” in May or simply want another chance to explore the software, requesting the trial is as easy as submitting a support request or reaching out to your dedicated consultant. Discover the immense value of Rewards firsthand and revolutionize your corporate bonus planning process.

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