New Features: May 2023

By Jacqualyn Summervill

New Features: May 2023

May welcomes the beta release and free 30-day trial of BalancedRewards, our new corporate bonus planning product. Predictably – that’s where our focus has been! As our first clients have begun digging in, we’ve added monumental new features and further enhanced the already-lighting-fast mass actions throughout the application.

NEW: You can make corporate goals “activator goals”
An activator goal demonstrates that you are protecting the company and not merely carving out additional cash compensation for employees. Now, you can mark any of your Corporate Goals as an Activator Goal and select an achievement level that must be met for any payouts to occur:

NEW: Corporate “activator goals” are visible within every plan
Activator goals dictate whether an annual cycle will pay out for any employee, regardless of whether it is assigned to every employee’s plan or not. For that reason, we’ve added an “Activator Goal” section to all employee plans. That way all employees recognize there is an activator goal, understand what it is, and can see how it is currently rated.

IMPROVED: Adding pertinent filters for more efficient mass actions
Our first beta Rewards users are in the app and forging new happy paths! When they wanted to update our default target bonus percentages by grade – we added a grade filter to the All Employees page!

When they wanted to assign the performance review goal to all Non-Exempt employees, we added a job classification dropdown to the form!

As they continue to explore the app, you can expect many updates like these in the near future.


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