The Pitfalls of Poor Compensation Strategy

A good compensation strategy is essential to any financial institution. More than a "nice to have" or "best practice," a solid compensation strategy ensures that your bank or credit union pays for performance and demonstrates equitable pay values from top to bottom.

New Features: December 2022

We know firsthand just how arduous Q4 can be! This December, our release focuses on enhancing the processes we know our clients are navigating this time of year: creating budgets and helping supervisors complete their employees’ performance reviews.

New Features: November 2022

Our November release focuses on getting you what need, right when you need it, without having to contact your consultant or support (even though we love hearing from you!). From CEO Reports, to all your reviews, to custom budget reports, this release is a treasure trove of instant deliverables.

30 Fastest-Growing Salaries for Financial Institutions in 2023

2022 has been like any other year for measuring compensation at banks and credit unions. Salaries writ large are having trouble keeping up with inflation, but these top 30 fastest-growing salaries span all departments of financial institutions.

Recruiting Insight: Essential HR Positions

Human Resources managers and executives are some of the most sought-after candidates for all major companies today, not just at financial institutions. The following is a closer look at salaries for HR professionals at banks and credit unions nationwide.

New Features: October 2022

Our latest release focuses on empowering users to breeze through the upcoming budget builder and performance review season. We’ve introduced mass actions, decreased page load times, and addressed a commonly occurring edge case.

The Definitive Merit Increase Matrix for 2023

Every financial institution relies on some form of a merit increase matrix to ensure that they are paying for the performance of their top employees. 2023 is shaping up to be the most consequential year to date for compensation. Having an accurate and timely merit increase matrix will help to guide you through turbulent times in the financial industry.

Recruiting Insight: Key IT Positions

IT jobs are in high demand across all industries, and it can be difficult to recruit top talent at your bank or credit union. The following are some guidelines and best practices to follow for effectively finding and keeping the right technical talent for your organization.

6 Hard Business Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past 12 Years

Over the past twelve years as CEO of BalancedComp, I have learned some hard-won lessons about growth mindset, best practices in hiring, and more. The following are the hard lessons I have learned that have shaped me as the CEO of a small business.
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